Ludum Dare 44: Bloed Bad

I participated in my first game jam, I’m quite proudly surprised of our result!

Posted by Erwan Normand on Sat 4 May 2019
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I participated in my first game jam with the Ludum Dare 44. I enjoyed the process and I’m quite proudly surprised of our result!

You can play it online, view the submission and get the source code.

I remember I was playing a lot to video games when I was young while dreaming of working at Ubisoft MontrĂ©al. But I haven’t created any game yet. Some members of my team at Inria really like making games during these kind of events. So when they proposed me to try the next game jam with them, I was in!

The theme was “Your life is a currency”. We did a retro metroidvania where you’re a demon that pay with its health for better weapons or to open doors. But as you’re bleeding, time is running against you. You can also kill enemies or sacrifice prisoners to get their blood and gain more health. Multiples runs will be necessary to complete the dungeon.

I used to work alone on software. I usually try my best design good architecture and writing elegant code. Therefore, this was a very good exercise for me working together on a quick propotype.

Team was:

  • Pierre-Antoine Cinquin: art.
  • Anna Loeff: art.
  • Thibault LainĂ©: design, implementation, level design.
  • Joan Sol Roo: design, art and implementation.
  • Erwan Normand: design, implementation and added musics and sounds (bought with the Humble “8 bit pixel game dev” Bundle).

A demon asks for some blood to open the dungeon's door.

You're in hell.

A classic metroidvania gameplay.

Hope you will enjoy it: !

Edit 2019-06-17: The Ludum Dare results are in for a couple of weeks now. We received so great comments! Reviews are very positive too: our game is on the top 3-8% for most score. Only the innovation score is below (top 20%) but that’s okay: we wanted to make a game with a classic gameplay.

Thanks to the whole team!

Bloed Bad's final results.